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Thursday, February 2, 2012

4th Six Weeks Attendance

There are twenty more days left until the end of the fourth six weeks, and I am dreading the day they send the data over from central office.  It appears that what I had heard was correct.  Attendance is low in the fourth six weeks!  Everyone said it, but I didn't want to believe it.  The number of absences we have in the sixth grade alone is insane.  I have talked to many of my students about why they miss so much school and the reasons are usually the same, "I was sick."  I do have a few that have been out for personal reasons, or in some cases their mom/dad was sick and couldn't get them to school.  It's been frusterating for the teachers on our campus.  It feels like every other day we have multiple parents requesting their child's school work, because their child is out sick and needs to take home their work.  Then we have to take the time to try and get the student all caught up when they return.  Never mind that they missed an entire unit on Plate Tectonics and that they have a major project due next week.  You get the point.  Students that are absent from school frequently make it difficult for themselves and their teachers.

The Perfect Attendance Bingo party that we have scheduled for the end of the fourth six weeks is quickly approaching.  Only students that have had absolutely perfect attendance will be permitted to attend.  This means that they have been present from bell to bell and haven't received even one tardy the entire six weeks.  I'm curious to see how many of our students are eligible to attend.   

Lastly, I have been informed that I need to set dates for the 5th six weeks party and the 6th six weeks party.  I have been waiting for some direction from the two administrators concerning the parties, but it appears that it was my job to set dates and have them put on the calendar.  I am slightly worried that there may not be any dates left on our campus calendar.  I'm crossing my fingers that it all works out.  Wish me luck!

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