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Monday, March 26, 2012

Attendance Race Update

The race is still on!  The fifth six weeks is almost over and the kids are starting to talk about the reward party.  The attendance percentages have been really close, but so far 6th grade is still in the lead.  The attendance rates are as follows, 6th grade with 92.9 %, 7th grade with 92.4%, and 8th grade with 92%.

As I am still enrolled in School Community Relations, it has occurred to me that if our campus had more parent involvement that perhaps our attendance rates would be stronger.  This course has really made it apparent that parent involvement can make a significant impact on student achievement, student attendance, and many other aspects of student education. I hope that I can continue to gain knowledge in this area and make a positive difference on my campus.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Community Relations - Attendance

I'm currently enrolled in School Community Relations and it is only now that I realize the importance of school/parent/community partnerships.  I have always believed that the role parents play in their child's education is so important and can make a world of difference in a student's education.  However, I am now beginning to understand that having the support of both parents and the community can be so very beneficial. 

My action research project has focused on increasing student attendance.  It hadn't occurred to me that having more parental support and perhaps a community program on our campus could help improve this issue.  If this reward program that I have put together does not prove to improve student attendance, I will have to approach my site supervisor with an alternative.   Currently our campus has a PTA, but no other community support.  More than anything I want my research project to prove successful, but regardless, I know that students on our campus can benefit greatly from sucha  program.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Perfect Attendance Bingo!

It was a success!  On Friday March 2nd, all 201 students that had perfect attendance during the fourth six weeks were released during 5th period to participate in Perfect Attendance Bingo.  A hand full of students won cash prizes.  Many others won gift cards to various local restaurants.  Everyone had fun! 

Our campus has been promoting the 5th six weeks Attendance Race.  Weekly announcements are made reminding our students and updating them on what grade level is leading the race.  Currently our sixth grade class is winning the race with 92.8% of students in attendance, followed closely by seventh grade. 

After asking my site supervisor whether or not our budget would allow us to serve popcorn and bottled water to our students that will be attending the movie party, I have been informed that it can be done!  I am very pleased with this news.  I have given a list of popular PG movies to our librarian to review.  Together we will be choosing one that we believe our students will enjoy.  So far our students are pretty pumped about the upcoming parties.  I hope to see continued improvement in student attendance.