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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moving Along

The Attendance Race is known by all now on our campus.  Memos have gone out, teachers have made announcements, and televised announcments and videos are in full swing.  The students seem to be interested, although I am still seeing my "regular" students absent as usual.  I use the word "regular" because these are the students that are absent on a regular basis.  These students are gone for reasons such as:  dentist appointments, stomach aches, surgery, overslept, car broke down, twisted ankle, you get the point.  I am hoping that as the end of the fourth six weeks and as the fifth six weeks rolls around, that students will be excited about the attendance competition and that daily attendance will jump up!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Beginning

This week was a short one.  Teachers returned Wednesday and the kids came back to school on Thursday.  It's a new year, and so it begins.  I met with Anne Witherspoon on the advertisement/video we are creating to have played on Cub News, our campus's televised school announcements.  I also spoke with one of our 7th grade Cub News reporters about what the "Attendance Race" is all about and what I want him to say on next week's announcements.    I met with Rhonda White, the art teacher, who is working with some 8th graders on making a huge "Guitar Hero" monitor.  We will be using this monitor during the 5th and 6th six weeks to show our students which grade level is in the lead and who is closer to winning the attendance race, and winning the party. Deborah Blansit, our attendance clerk has given me both our district and campus data for the first two six week periods.  We are still waiting for the data from the third six weeks to be sent to us from central office.  I tried to get in touch with Natalie Dennington, the AP at our campus that is responsible for student attendance, but wasn't able to meet up with her.  I am going to have to speak with Natalie on Monday.  The goal is to have the teacher's make the announcement to all of the students this Wednesday.  In addition, Cub News will report about the attendance race and the parties students can win, as well as air the attendance race commercial on Friday of next week.  That's all for now.  I'll keep you posted.