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Sunday, February 26, 2012

4th Six Weeks Attendance

The 4th six weeks has come to an end and we are now preparing for the "Perfect Attendance Bingo Party" that will be held next Friday, March 3rd.  We had a total of 201 students with perfect attendance that will be attending the bingo party.  The bingo party will be held in the Cub Cafe (cafeteria) and will be hosted by our three principals.  Students will have the chance to win gift cards as well as cash prizes!

The 5th six weeks began February 20th and will end April 13th.  We are now ensuing the "Attendance Race" where each grade level will compete to have the best attendance.  The grade level with the highest percentage of attendance will win a movie party at the end of the 5th six weeks.  The Guitar Hero Monitor has been placed at the front of the school by the library where students will see it as they are walking to class.  I will place each grade's placement on the monitor weekly.  Announcements will be made weekly as well on Cub News updating studetnts on the grade level that is winning the attendance race.  The movie party is tentatively on our campus calendar for May 3rd.  We chose to have the party after STAAR testing so we wouldn't chance losing our students' focus. 

I have inquired about serving our students popcorn during the movie party. The party will be held after lunch, around 2:30 p.m., so it shouldn't be a problem, but I am still awaiting a response from my administrator.  The librarian and I are working on finding a fun yet appropriate movie for the kids to watch.  This is going to be a bit tough I'm afraid.  We are working with middle school kids so it may be hard to please them.  In addition, we are only permitted to show movies that are PG. We will just have to see what we can find.

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