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Saturday, May 12, 2012

5th Six Weeks Attendance Party

It's been a whirl wind, but the fifth six weeks reward party has come and gone.  The 6th graders were thrilled to win the reward party the fifth six weeks and were happy to enjoy a "Movie Party" in our Cub Cafe.  Sixth grade teachers handed out refreshments of popcorn and bottled water, while students got comfortable and enjoyed the movie, Night at the Museum.  It was nice to see students enjoying themselves.  Many of them thanked me as I handed them popcorn.  Their appreciation was apparent and I look forward to the next reward party. 

Currently our seventh graders are in the lead for the next reward party, which will be held May 24th.  The sixth six weeks reward party will be an "Open Gym Party" where students will be allowed to play volleyball, basketball, or just hang out with their friends in the bleachers.  We will also have a karaoke machine for students that would like to take a shot at it.  Ice-cream will be provided for each student and I am hoping that next year students will realize that attending school on a "regular" basis will be most beneficial to them. 

Here's to hoping!

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