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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

School Community Support- Looking Back

I have just completed my School Community Relations course and am now starting to rethink my action research project.  The course emphasized the importance of involving family and the community in education and how it can impact student achievement, including student attendance.  Until now I hadn't really considered that as a factor.

In retrospect I feel that our school campus could benefit greatly from a strong school-family-community partnership.  We currently have very little ties to family and/or the community.  I am still have high hopes that the initiative that I have made on my campus will prove to be a worthy one and make a difference in our overall student attendance, but I will be speaking with the committee that is responsible for the Campus Improvement Plan on our campus regarding efforts to enhance school-family-community relations.

There are still eight more weeks of school left, and that means lots more data to collect.  Wish me luck!

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