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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Revised SIP Plan of Action- Mission Increase Attendance

I have tried everything and am unable to figure out how to publish my revised action research plan spreadsheet.  I have instead posted the link below for you all to take a look at.  Please feel free to offer any additional suggestions.

After meeting with my site supervisor yesterday, we made just a few minor changes to my action research plan.  We will add a drawing every six weeks for students that have perfect attendance.  We will draw one boy and one girl from each grade, and each will receive a $25 gift card.  We also decided to change up the type of party we have each six weeks.  One six weeks we will have an "open gym" where students can enjoy music, play basketball, volleyball, play on their ipods, or do what middle school kids love to do most, just sit and socialize.  Another six weeks, we will offer a movie and popcorn.  We don't want the kids to get bored or the excitement to wear off.  For our end of the year acknowledgement, we plan on having our "Prize Patrol", or our administrators dressed in party hats and blow horns, surprise our students with perfect attendance for the year with a certificate and a small prize.  This is something that they used to do years ago, but decided to do away with.  After speaking with some of the teachers and staff, they brought up how much fun it was and how much the students loved this.  We hope that these rewards and acknowledgments will show an improvement in our school attendance as a whole.  Our students that are labeled as "economically disadvantaged" are the students that are missing school most.  Our hope is that these rewards might encourage them to be at school everyday.  They may not have much at home, but if we can get them to school, they may have a chance to have some fun rewards and experiences that they may not have otherwise.

I will be working with Ann Witherspoon, a seventh grade teacher and technology whiz, to create two exciting commercials or movie trailers that will be aired on our televised school announcements.  This type of advertising has worked with out students in the past.  Mrs. Kyle, our Technology Application teacher that is in charge of Cub News and school announcements, will have her reporters announce all of the upcoming reward parties and rewards as well as the grade level that has the highest attendance for the week.  We are aiming to get these students fired up about the reward parties and get themselves to school everyday. 

I will also be working with our art teacher, Rhonda White, to create a visual monitor that we will put up right in the front of the school.  This is a place where every student will walk by at some point during their day.  We will be using a rock n' roll theme, and design our monitor like a guitar amp (like they use on Guitar Hero).  Every week we will place the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade levels on the amp, depending on their attendance for the week.  This way students will have a visual motivator as well. 

This reward program is going to be a lot of work to set up, but I do believe that if I stay organized and keep everyone in the loop, I can make this a successful program and hopefully succeed in increasing our school attendance.

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